Bristol Baby!

I have been watching quite a bit of March Madness yesterday and today. My brackets have taken a big hit today. But as long as I beat Postman at the end of it all I am ok with everything. I did take some chances with a few of my picks and one of them I am worried that it will come back to bite me back in the butt. But here’s hoping—UPDATE–WTF–I KNEW IT! OUCH!!!! UGH!!! Next time I will NOT, I repeat NOT pick Ohio State.

Now back to regular programming…this week the boys are in Bristol for a little short track racing. Congratulations to Mark Martin for his second pole in a row. Now if he can just get that bad racing karma away from him I think he could make a good run on Sunday. I am looking forward to getting back to racing.

I must now head off to bed…my brackets have been destroyed! I need some adult beverage to ease the pain.

One thought on “Bristol Baby!

  1. did you see the bracket this morning … A&M & Baylor are both still in the running …. not that I like to root for anyone but TECH … however … can’t help but feel the need to support the last two Texas schools !!!!!

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