Week in Review

I have been somewhat flying under the radar these days. I have beent rying to get back to what I do here in The Park and that is write more meaningful posts about NASCAR. I have had several drafts of posts ready for posting, but by the time I think about posting them it’s too late. I am working on a post that may ruffle some feathers, but sometimes you have to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. I have been thinking about NASCAR lately among other things so without further interruptions…here are some little nibblets to keep you wanting more.

1.  What the heck is the deal with the weather here in Raiderland? Did some decide to shake of the snow globe that encases my reality? Yesterday we were sunny and gorgeous and now…we have hit our high for the day and it is only 8:15 am in the morning. Expected precipitation…snow. That’s what I said S-N-O-W! Luckily I work indoors and will be nice and toasty…Postman, well, he will be outside most of the day. But as I always tell him he knew the oath when he signed up for his gig.

2.  Can I just say I DON’T LOOK GOOD IN BURNT ORANGE!!!  For those of you who frequent The Park know I am an alum of Texas Tech University.  Our colors are Red and Black.  So you are thinking where does the burnt orange come into play?  It doesn’t.  I don’t own any kind of burnt orange object.  The only time you would EVER see any burnt orange in my household would be if I put an orange on the grill and left it there to burn.  But, I am NOT one who backs down from a bet.  Postman and I did out NCAA tournament brackets to see who could out play each other.  We wavered on what the loser of the challenge would have to do.  The “prize” I wanted to use was the following…if I won, he would have to wear a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt to his birthday party next month.  Please note, Postman is and will always be a Dallas Cowboys fan, HATES THE STEELERS.  But if he won, I would wear a #88 shirt on raceday and to his birthday party.  I am not a #88 fan.  I thought it was a fair trade.  But he wasn’t man enough to put his brackets against mine with that bet.  So, we decided the loser of the challenge would have to wear a University of Texas shirt to his birthday party next month.  Why the party?  Well, we are both alums of Tech, several of our friends are alums, and it needed to be in public were ridiculing could take place.  I am screwed.  Memphis lost last night.  If you know about the brackets, I had Memphis all the way through the final 4.   I am going to need some serious help or I will be donning that shirt.

3.  Little Smoke starts his first season of t-ball this Saturday.  I am excited about all of this.  I think he is doing ok considering he just started palying this game about a month ago.  His team name–Diamondbacks.  Whew–we dodged a bullet there…don’t know if I could get behind his team if it had been Y-A-N-K-E-E-S.  As it is deemed in the state of Texas, every little boy will play some sort of football in his life.  Little Smoke will be old enough come fall and he WILL be playing football.  Let’s just hope his team isn’t Steelers.

4.  Work–same old stuff…different day.

5.  What’s up with moving to the TTU vs Baylor football game to the DFW area?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Apparently, TTU and Baylor have agreed to play the next two football games in Dallas.  In 2009, we will play at Jerry World aka New Dallas Cowboys stadium and then in 2010 at the Cotton Bowl.  If you know Red Raider football, you know every single time we have been to the Cotton Bowl we lost.  Of course, they were all bowl games.  Perhaps we might win since this will be a regular football game.  But you never can tell with our REd Raiders.  I don’t like this idea.  So we might get a little bit more money swung this way and we might have more people at the game, but seriously folks, I am not going to travel 6 hours to watch TTU play.  Can’t afford it.  I might look into the 2009 game just because the game will be played at Jerry World, but then again with the cost of things probably not.  Even though I love football, I would rather pay money to go to a NASCAR race at TMS.  I would get more bang for my buck.

5. I would like to say THANK YOU to Kurt Busch.  With his 11th place finish and Kevin Harvick’s bad day at Bristol, I jumped into the lead one of the fantasy leagues I am in.  But as you know that could all change this weekend.  I am going with Jeff Gordon as my pick this week.  I think it is a good pick.  Even if he doesn’t win, I know he will give me a good points day and to be honest that’s what it is all about.  Getting a lead and maintaining that lead until the finish line.

6.  Can you believe Chevrolet has not won a race so far this season?  That’s right…Ford has two wins, Toyota has two wins, and Dodge has one…Kenseth, ,Kenseth, Kyle B., Kurt B., Kyle B.  Maybe the Chevrolets can pull one out this week at Martinsville.

7.  I am not an #88 fan.  I make no bones about it.  I am working on a post about #88, but I am still doing a little research and hopefully I will have posted next week.  I have some opinions about #88 and that’s what they are OPINIONS, but as with anything dealing wtih the #88 you tread very little and very respectfully and that’s what I plan to attempt.

8.  I would love to be headed to TMS next week.  I miss going to TMS.  I love the roar of the engines as they come off Turn 4 towards the green flag.  I miss all the interesting people down in the pits, but times are tough and well, race tickets aren’t in the budget this year.

I think that is about it for the week.  Nothing all that exciting on this end of the world.  Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. will it help if i wear one too …. ???? it’s tough to wear some other school’s colors .. .but hey what are big sis’s for ???

    holler at me and maybe we can go shopping together !!!

  2. I am “ok” with the shirt thing. I took the bet and well, I am woman enough to go through with it..don’t know if Postman would be. 🙂

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