Bad Medicine

I was so busy this weekend between T-ball, T-Rexs, Tourney brackets and Tony Stewart, I am exhausted. 

Let’s talk about Martinsville.  I think I like Martinsville a little bit better than Bristol.  Denny had his #11 Fed Ex car in the zone yesterday.  He lead 296 laps of the 500 lap race yesterday.  He just had the car dialed in all day.  But as we all know the best car or the one who leads the most laps doesn’t always win the race.  Plus he had history working against him yesterday.  I mean it was the 25th anniversary of the first win by Hendrick in the Cup series.   But it did look like Denny was going to spoil the whole Hendrick party.  But Jimmie Johnson loves this track.  Up until yesterday he had won 4 of the last five races.  With yesterday’s win it is now up to 5 of the last 6.  We used to say Lowe’s was Jimmie’s house, I am beginning to think Martinsville is Jimmie’s house.  No matter what happeend yesterday it seemed to be in the cards for a Hendrick driver to win yesterday.  All four teams finished in Top Ten.   I do have to say Johnson made a bold move on Denny in the waning laps of the race to take the lead from Denny.  It was the kind of racing I like.  Two drivers fighting for the lead and respecting each other and not taking one out.  Would I have jumped up and down if Jimmie had made the move on Denny and they both went spinning?  Hell yes I would have because who was in that third place spot????  Tony Stewart!  But unfortunately the two drivers did what they do best race cleanly.  Denny showed some class in his post race interview.  Kudos Denny.  And what was the deal with Robby Gordon?  Every time I looked up (well, it seemed that way) he was cuasing a yellow flag to flown.  Hey Robbie…green is our friend, yellow bad.  Two thumbs up for Stewart Haas Racing–both Ryan and Tony finished in the Top Ten.   I know this really didn’t have to do with the race, but did anyone see Ingrid’s new do?  OMG—she cut off quite a bit of hair!

The rest of my weekend was quite busy.  First up for me was to see if I could gain some ground on Postman in our NCAA Bracket Challange.  I certainly didn’t want to wear the University of Texas shirt to his birthday party.  Please note I am an alum of Texas Tech Unversity and well, we don’t like UT.  I was only 2 points behind him and I would have been able to make up some ground only if Michigan State and Connecticut lost as well as Pitt winning it all.  But if you followed the tourney, you will find that Michigan State and Connecticut and Michigan State are in the Final Four and well…Pittsburgh’s fate.  Same fate as me…dead in the water.  That’s right folks I cannot overtake my Postman in the bracket challenge.  Only 1 of my 4 picks for the final four made.  Go North Carolina!  So this is what I will be wearing (or something similar) to Postman’s party.  Sorry folks, I must go through this “humilation” by myself.  No sympathy shirt wearing to make me feel better.  I made the bet and lost. 


Little Smoke and his team the Diamondbacks had their first t-ball game on Saturday.  We won 28-4.  I know that is a high score for t-ballers, but we dominated the other team…well as much as a t-ball team can dominate.  We are only allowed to score 7 runs/inning.  The other team never got us out in the traditional sense.  Little Smoke went 3 for 3 with 1 RBI.  A ball was hit to him in the outfield, but he didn’t let it get by him and in t-ball that is everything.  Still needs a littel work on the baserunning and throwing, but all in all not bad for his first game.  Wish us luck tonight…we play the Yankess.  And as I recall, the D-Backs beat the Yankees in the 2001 World Series.  Sign of good things to come?

If you need to make a dinosaur I am your gal.  Little Smoke needed a dinosaur model for school this week.  Of course as we all know this project becomes bigger than it really is and it can take on a life of it’s own.  And naturally, Little Smoke wanted his model to be a T-Rex.  In case you are not up on all the dinosaurs, he is like the Michael Jordan of dinosaurs.  So I spent most of yesterday while he was at two birthday partys constructing the model, he helped paint the thing though.  Bascially Little Smoke and Postman were the designers and well, I was the free labor.  But I think it turned out pretty good.  Take a gander and tell me what you think.


As The Wheel Turns…the saga continues

When we last left our gentlemen, they were racing at Bristol and enjoying a week away from the track.  Now let’s join our boys at Martinsville…

A Roush Fenway Racing proprietary part, more specifically a anti-roll swaybar, ended up with an “evil” Toyota team at last year’s fall Dover race.  The part has, however been returned to it’s rightful owner. 

I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of how things work in the garage.  I have been in the garage area at Texas Motor Speedway and I can tell you the teams are in close proximity to one another.  But if someone did take a part from Roush, wouldn’t someone have noticed?  I know this may seem a little naive on my part, but wouldn’t somebody, somewhere noticed another team’s crew member in another crew member’s garage area?

Is it me or does this sound like another school yard tactic? 

Roush hasn’t held back about his opinion with regards to Toyota.  He isn’t alone either.  I lurk around various NASCAR blogs and message boards to see what “the people” are saying.  I have found the pro-Toyota and anti-Toyota camps to be as equally vocal in their opinions.  For me, I am just a fan, plain and simple.

Congratulations to Jeff Gordon for winning the pole for Sunday’s race.

Stayed for the next episode of “As The Wheel Turns”…