As The Wheel Turns…the saga continues

When we last left our gentlemen, they were racing at Bristol and enjoying a week away from the track.  Now let’s join our boys at Martinsville…

A Roush Fenway Racing proprietary part, more specifically a anti-roll swaybar, ended up with an “evil” Toyota team at last year’s fall Dover race.  The part has, however been returned to it’s rightful owner. 

I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of how things work in the garage.  I have been in the garage area at Texas Motor Speedway and I can tell you the teams are in close proximity to one another.  But if someone did take a part from Roush, wouldn’t someone have noticed?  I know this may seem a little naive on my part, but wouldn’t somebody, somewhere noticed another team’s crew member in another crew member’s garage area?

Is it me or does this sound like another school yard tactic? 

Roush hasn’t held back about his opinion with regards to Toyota.  He isn’t alone either.  I lurk around various NASCAR blogs and message boards to see what “the people” are saying.  I have found the pro-Toyota and anti-Toyota camps to be as equally vocal in their opinions.  For me, I am just a fan, plain and simple.

Congratulations to Jeff Gordon for winning the pole for Sunday’s race.

Stayed for the next episode of “As The Wheel Turns”… 

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