Whatacustomerservice Update

I have an update from the Whatacustomerservice post from March 21.  I received a call from a gentleman who seems to know what he is doing with Whatburger.  He just wanted to follow up on my email I sent Whataburger.  I explained what happened.  He was very apologetic.  He was concerned that my mother and I had wait as long as we did.  He was concerned that I would stop going to that location.  I assured him I didn’t want to since Postman loves Whataburger and it was close to our abode.  It was a very pleasant conversation and I thanked him for contacting me.  He said he was going to send me a letter of apology and he was going to throw in some coupons for me.  Overall I was very pleased with the response I received from Whataburger.  I still may wait a few months or so before returning to the store, but hey sometimes if you are nice and pleasant with your complaint you get results.  

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