Whatacustomerservice Update

I have an update from the Whatacustomerservice post from March 21.  I received a call from a gentleman who seems to know what he is doing with Whatburger.  He just wanted to follow up on my email I sent Whataburger.  I explained what happened.  He was very apologetic.  He was concerned that my mother and I had wait as long as we did.  He was concerned that I would stop going to that location.  I assured him I didn’t want to since Postman loves Whataburger and it was close to our abode.  It was a very pleasant conversation and I thanked him for contacting me.  He said he was going to send me a letter of apology and he was going to throw in some coupons for me.  Overall I was very pleased with the response I received from Whataburger.  I still may wait a few months or so before returning to the store, but hey sometimes if you are nice and pleasant with your complaint you get results.  



If you have every visited the state of Texas you see this symbol quite often. Whataburger has good burgers. They are made to order and fresh right after you place it. My husband could there for all his meals. Usually you receive pretty good service. I have had only a few instances where the service was not up to par. Unfortunately today was the worst service I had received from Whataburger.

My mother and I decided to stop in to get a quick bite to eat. It wasn’t very crowded. There were two other families in the restaurant, hardly a crowd. I don’t know if the shift manager saw my mother and I walk in or not, but it was fairly obvious we wanted to place our order. I mean I was standing at the counter in front of the register. Hello…isn’t that the international signal for “I need to place my order“? She finally took our order and no “Hi, what can I get you today?” or “How may I help you?“. It was “What can I get you?“. Shortly after placing our order a gentleman placed his order. I thought it was going to be a good day because our number was “20”.

While waiting for our order I noticed one of the employees talking on her cell phone! That’s right her CELL PHONE. It was clear she was trying to make a date or arrange for her pickup. Either way, she should have be away from the food counter. If she was off the clock, sit you butt down in a booth and not behind the counter where it is assumed you are still working. After the “employee” was finished with her phone call she proceeded to take down her long hair and start flinging it around. All of this was taking place behind the food counter.

After about 15 minutes, I decided to see where the HELL our order was. It wasn’t like we ordered anything special. A Whataburger Jr. meal and a chicken strip meal. These are easy meals to prepare. Nothing too it right? Apparently not with this crew.The gentleman who ordered roughly about the same time we did was now at the counter. He was VERY upset, but remained calm while asking about his meal. He too ordered a simple meal–hamburger, fries, drink. The employee that was manning the fryer got snippy with him when he was commenting on his situation and mine. She actually told him to calm down. I don’t know where that came from because he was polite and calm. He never raised his voice or got irate.

When another employee asked if she could help me, I told her I was waiting on my order. She then asked if it was through the drive thru or inside. Hello…read your stinkin’ tv screen! You know the one that has MY FREAKIN’ ORDER ON IT!! By this time I was tired and frustrated and I just didn’t want to sit inside Whataburger any more. I wanted my mom’s money back and so did the other customer. I know this will be taken seriously since he made the comment he will let the manager know what happened. That’s right my friends..he is going to let the manager know how bad we were treated. I also let Whataburger know as well. I headed right for the Whataburger website and sent them my story.

Postman and I visit this particular store quite often during the month. It’s close to the house, but now I will drive to one that is further away because of the service I received.