The Bullet List

Sorry about not posting in awhile–this is my busiest time at work and I am lucky to get out with some kind of damage like at Talladega. So with that being said here is my bullet list for the past couple of weeks.

  • I was ok with the result of the Richmond race.  I was hoping for a Denny Hamlin victory or at least closer to the front so it would have given me a bigger lead in my fantasy league, but I came out leading the points after that race.  Not too shabby I must say.  Congratatulations to Kyle Busch for yet another win this year.  Say what you want, but this boy can drive that car.  With the win at Richmond that gave him 4 wins so far on the season.
  • How ’bout that race at Darlington?  That’s the second win for Mr. Mark Martin this year.  It’s 2 wins in the last four races.  He is now up to the 11th spot in the standings with 20 bonus points.  He has one more win than teammates Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.  And 2 more than Junior.   I believe I heard this was his first multiple race win season since 2000, but I am not sure on that stat.  I was half listening at times and I think it was on the radio and not tv. 
  • Thanks Jeff Burton for a decent finish for me.  You allowed me to keep my lead in my fantasy league.  Granted it’s a small one, but a lead nonetheless.
  • I listen to quite a bit of NASCAR on Sirius.  No matter what the topic somehow, someway, talk will turn about Juniors’s performance or lack there of this season.  Normally when the talk turns to Junior I usually switch channels because frankly I really don’t care about it, but the other day one of the callers made a decent point.  He said perhaps Junior doesn’t know how to communciate to Eury Jr. about how this new car reacts or what needs to be done.  This is a different car than the old one.  I mean all you have to do is look at how Jeff has struggled with the car.  I have watched Junior drive the wheels of the Nationwide car.  However this car is similar to the old car.   I just think Mr. Hendrick is going to have some tough choices ahead of him.  I mean think abou this…Mark Martin just joined HMS this year and he already has more wins with HMS than Junior has with HMS.
  • I am excited about the results Stewart Haas has been putting up lately.  Tony and Ryan finished 3rd and 4th respectively at Darlington.  Both drivers are in the top 12 with Tony sitting 2nd just 29 points right behind Jeff Gordon.  While Ryan is sitting 8th in the points.   I am excited about the rest of the season.  Both drivers are so close to that first win for Stewart Haas.  I would love for Tony to get the first win for his team, but I would take a Newman too.
  • How ’bout them rookies?  Brad K finished 7th and Joey Lagano finished 9th. 
  • I have to say I was a little disappointed about the suspension of Jeremy Mayfield from NASCAR especially since he was tryign to make a go of it with his own team this year.  This is a no-tolerance policy.  I can’t say I blame NASCAR for having such stringent policies.  Does a driver want to be out on the track driving 150 plus mph with another driver who may be under the influence.  Will Jeremy be able to come back into NASCAR at some point?  I can’t answer that.  But it is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.  Jeremy has named his wife Shana as the owner and tagged JJ Yeley to drive his #41 car.
  • It’s all-star week in NASCAR.  One of my favorite events takes place tomorrow–the pit crew challenge.  I love to watch this event.  This is the time these guys get to show what makes them best out there.  Many times these guys get no recognition unless they  make a huge mistake, but if it wasn’t for these guys doing what they do best soem of these drivers would be able to do what they do best.
  • Have you voted for your favorite driver?  I have a couple of times, but that’s about it.  I will go and vote a couple of more before the deadline.  So if haven’t voted…go vote!
  • Don’t forget about NASCAR Day on Friday May 15.  Wear your favorite NASCAR gear to work, home, or whereevery to let everyone know what NASCAR means to you.  Of course, for those who are friends and family memebers of a NASCAR fan, you already know what NASCAR means to them.

Daytona…short and sweet

Sorry for the short post for now. I was a little jaunt to Ruidoso, NM this past weekend. It was definitely relaxing. Did a little sand surfing, snow tubing and hot tubbing. Mix in a little hissy fit…from Little Smoke, and not Junior, it was a great getaway.

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth for winning this year’s Daytona 500 even though it was shortened because of rain. I was able to listen to quite a bit of the race on Sirius. It wasn’t the same as watching it from the recliner, but I was able to get my Daytona fix.

I saw the little “hi, how are you?” between Vickers and Earnhardt. Enough already people! It was a racing deal in my personal opinion. They were BOTH trying to get their lap back. I have quite a bit to say about the matter (I have seen the clips on ESPN), but I want to see things for myself. I tivoed the race. I may post later on in the week once I recover from my little mini vacation.

I have to give kudos to Tony for finishing 8th yesterday in a back up car. Ryan Newman didn’t fair as well…he finished 36th. I bet Newman is just glad to get out of Daytona. And a WOO HOO to Tony for his win on Saturday!!!!

On to California boys!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

In this corner: Carl Edwards

In the other corner: Kevin Harvick

Let the games begin!

All I have to say is NASCAR is about passion and that is what these two drivers have–Passion. This will probably be another “much ado about nothing” after this weekend. If you are a reader of The Park you know who I would root for in this tete-a-tete.  It’s weird how most of the season the talk has been about Kyle Busch and his attitude/antics and now…well, let’s just say there hasn’t been much discussion about Rowdy.  But like with anything, the more things change the more the stay the same

Looks like qualifying has been rained out and thus the points were set by the standings. That means Jimmie is on the pole once again. Lowe’s is Jimmie’s track. He has 5 wins at the track and even if he doesn’t win, he is always a threat at Lowe’s.

Stewart Haas Racing has announced that Army will be the sponsor of Ryan Newman and the #39 car in 2009.