Coughin’ & Sneezin’

I hate it when i get sick especially when i am constantly coughing and sneezing. It prevents you from having a decent nights sleep because every five minutes cough…sneeze…cough…sneeze. This happened so much over the past several days I strained my back muscles which makes it even worse. Luckily, I am finally feeling about 75% better than I did when all this crap started last Thursday. My doctor told me it was just don’t run a fever and cough up a lung with just allergies. I am surviving however, luckily I was able to stay home and sleep…well between the coughing and sneezing that is.

Last Wednesday I discussed the lubbock tornado..strange enough the next day on May was Tornado Watch 2005! It was like tornados were everywhere on the South Plains. Luckily most of it was north and east of Lubbock. There was one spotted in eastern Lubbock county, but it didn’t do a whole lot. Most of the tornados seemed to come out of the sky…touch down…and go back up. They seemed to be playing hide and seek with us. They were such a tease! If they did touch down it was in a relatively unpopulated area–farm land, etc. And you have to love the local weathermen…i know it is nice to be informed on all the sightings, rain, etc, but three hours worth of coverage!!! I understand you need to break in when a tornado is barreling down on a town, but come on…if it was me, the last thing i am doing is listening to these guys. I am cowering in my tornado shelter waiting for it to all blow over. After all the coverage I felt like I could give the weather reports. Each station had its share of technological gadgets, radars, etc, but I was just tired of it all by the first hour. Thanks for the lsson in meterology boys!

If you need a good ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. I swear that show has me tearing up in the first five minutes of the show. I am glad they help people who really need it unlike some of the other design makeover shows. Have you seen some of the houses they use on Trading Spaces?? TSome of those rooms don’t need a makeover. Those are people are just geniuely designed challenged. I have pretty much stopped watching Trading Spaces except for an occassional rerun (when the show was good). It’s not the same show without Paige Davis. I tried to watch last Saturday, but it just wasn’t the same. They need a host to meld everything together. I still get my fix however on Sunday nights with Ty and his crew.

Tomorrow the final installment of Star Wars opens…YEA!

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