Saturday Racin’

Wow! This past weekend at Lowe’s was definitely an All-Star event. What a finish in the Open Race! I still think Brian Vickers spun out Mike Bliss to get his ticket into the All-Star race. I’m pretty sure I would have done the same thing. I mean come have a chance to race for a million dollars!!!! That’s a nice piece of change in anyone’s pocket.

That was just the beginning of the excitement.

The All-Star race was even better. Tony did get into the back of Joe N., but that was racing. Tony didn’t take out Joe on purpose. And then the post crash festivities were a blast. That’s Saturday night at the races.

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It was like being at the dirt track in Amarillo watching the guys get into one another after the main event. Kevin did fly off the handle a little too soon, but he was ahead of Tony. He had no idea that Joe got bumped into and that is why Joe’s car hit #29. For some reason I am becoming a Kevin H. fan. I guess I like the bad boys of racing. They are more exciting to watch.

Congrats to Mark Martin! He said he wasn’t sure if he was going to race in the next All-Star event because he didn’t know if he could get a ride. After he won on Saturday he decided yes I will run. I think Mr. Roush will make sure Mr. Martin has a ride for next year’s All Star race.

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and it was really cool that he did a victory lap instead of a burnout or doughnut. Anyone can do those–in fact I can do that in my car in an empty parking lot.


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