Sorry for not posting after Pocono, but I was having trouble with my left front tire. What was the deal with the tires last Saturday? Every time you turned around someone was going out becuase of tire issues. I hope they can get these things fixed before the July Pocono race.

The boys are in Michigan this weekend and in honor of the Batman Returns 400 here is David Letterman’s Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Batman
10. Always complaining about his “rubber suit rash”
9. When you mention Superman, he rolls his eyes and mutters, “pantywaist”
8. His teen son drove to the prom in the Batmobile
7. Is re-roofing his house to fix loose shingles and grappling hook damage
6. Who’s banging on his door at 4 AM but an angry, knocked-up Catwoman
5. Introduces his parents–Carl and Linda Batman
4. You hear him on the phone asking J. Crew if they carry seersucker cowls
3. On Thanksgiving, you see green lantern holding a JELL-O mold
2. When he goes on vacation, asks if you’ll water his plants and grease his bat pole
1. He’s a recluse in a weird outfit with a young sidekick ( Sorry, that’s a sign your neighbor is Michael Jackson)

Have a great race this weekend boys! Good luck Tony, Jeff, and Mark. Mark is driving the Batman Car this weekend.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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