I am back from was nice..very relaxing. I went to Galveston and stayed at the Moody Gardens Hotel. It was a nice place. They put chocolates on my bed every night. I think if I go to Galveston again I might just stay there. A little pricey than I am used to, but it’s worth every penny.

Infineon was a good race considering road races aren’t my favorite races to watch. Jeff got the pole and I thought he was going to be the one to beat yesterday, but when his transmission started causing problems I knew it wasn’t going to be his day. He finished 33rd. YIKES!!!!!

But the star of the day was Tony Stewart. He was driving his car like he stole it and with one hand too. That was some damn fine drivin’.
Image hosted by

As most of you know I am not a Dale Jr. fan, but I thought he might have had a chance this weekend. He qualified 10th which was his best start at Infineon, however, he too had transmission issues. It seems his chances for making the chase are diminishing with each race. I think it is time he looks seriously at where he wants to be next year.

Side note–Jr. won Fox’s NASCAR sexiest driver contest. Like that was a suprise victory.

Well–the boys are back at Daytona on Saturday and NBC/TNT takes over the race coverage from here on out. I really do like the boys at Fox. I wasn’t impressed with NBC/TNT last year. There showed way too many commercials for my taste. Oh well..maybe things will improve this year.

Good luck boys!!!

PS–a note to that person who thinks I have jumped off the Jeff Gordon bandwagon (and you know who you are), you have received some misinformation from someone. I am still and will always be a Jeff Gordon fan. Get over yourself!

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