thank you

i would like to thank the person who turned right and didnt’ give their signal–did they not make your model car with turn signals??? if they didn’t i would return your car to the dealership and have them fix it…do your realize that a big blue suv cannot stop on a dime???

i would also like to thank the old guy in the cadillac i was behind during 5:00 rush hour–thank for going well below the speed limit and make it dangerous for not only me, but others around you who might come up behind and have to slow down–here’s an idea…DON’T DRIVE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 5-6 PM MON-FRI. Luckily, i didn’t really want to get home from a long day at work.

i would also like to thank all of you people who feel the need to stop at the front entrances of walmart…thank you for causing all the traffic jams! are we that lazy that we can’t walk a few feet to the door and then you get mad when other cars go ahead you because you are too stupid to realize you are causing a traffic hazard…

thank you to the guy driving the escalade who was parked in front of the united supermarket entrance…thank you for parking and causing a major traffic jam last sunday right during the church rush…and didn’t it even occur to you that you stupid vehicle was causing not only me, but others to drive around you and thus creating all kinds of problems–next time park your stupid and vehicle and walk your happy butt into the store.

thank you to those who drive down 50th street between slide and the loop (specifically between silde and chicago…it goes to one lane and there is signage stating this fact..if you drive the street regularly you know this…you also know that the cars tend to make frequent turns in this stretch of road..i give my signal when i am planning to turn…don’t get in a huffy when you have to slam on your brakes b/c you were going toe fast (this isn’t your personal drag strip) and you nearly run into me…i gave my signal for this purpose to let you know that i am turning…you are lucky my suv has working turn signals installed…if you were behind the lady who didn’t have them installed on her car who knows what kind of mess you would have created (see first thank you)…

and for my last thank you–to the guy who nearly caused a 3 car accident

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