dead skunk and duct tape

received this picture in my email today…the car is demonstrating the next use of duct tape..notice where the car is going and where the car is from..OKLAHOMA!!–enough said. I am hoping these people were on their way out of Texas…we don’t need any of these people dipping into the Texas gene pool.

Image hosted by

on the way to work the dj was talking about a man who trapped a skunk and then called animal control to kill the skunk..and then here’s the kicker..the city fined him for using an illegal trap..this man is an eighty year old taking care of his invalid wife…he was doing his civic duty…and how does the city of lubbock repair him…fine him$187 dollars…YIKES!…there’s something wrong with that picture..any way this leads up to the skunk song the dj played in his honor…it is called “Dead Skunk”

i thought i was going to die from laughter and i was trying to drive to work…the lyrics to the song are hilarious..the site i found has a midi file (kinda sucks), but well worth the look for the lyrics…so check out Dead Skunk by Loudon Wainwright III

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