dover, wdw, ‘dega

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile–was out of town last week and had lots of stuff to get down before hand.

Didn’t get to watch the Dover race which about killed me. It was strange to go a whole week without watching any sort of NASCAR event. I was at Disney World last week. I did get home in time to watch Talladega on Sunday.

What was Jimmie talking about Jr. hitting him from behind and causing him to run into Sadler? Has Jimmie seen the video? Jr. was no where near the back bumper. As most people know I am not a big Jr. fan, but I dislike Jimmie more than Jr. and that is saying a lot. I was so aggrevated…Mark Martin was knocked out of the race and he had a great car. He could have been a contender at the end. Then it went all down hill from there…I call it NASCAR karma for Jimmie–I was glad he didn’t have a good day. You know bump drafting is becoming a problem when Jeff Gordon (who perfected the move) is complaining and says something needs to be done. But fans like to see this kind of racing. I don’t like it when a crash ruins a good race. The crashes on Sunday pretty much took things out of the drivers’ control.

But a good note–it was nice to DJ win a race. As much as it pained me to see him pass Tony for the lead, it was a good finish. Tony finished 2nd and retained the points lead by 4 over Ryan Newman.

I did want to comment on last weeks car setups for the #5 and #48. It might have not be illegal according to rule books, but was it ethical?

Good luck boys at Kansas.

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