Whew—what a weekend!

We all knew Louden would set the tone for the last 10 races, but WOW!

Kurt Busch slammed into the wall put there courtesy of Scott Riggs (#10). Kurt was upset and went to the Riggs pit box to discuss things. Nothing else came of it. Busch pretty much ran the whole race with a piece of crap car. Now he is ten in the chase. He can’t afford any more races like that or he too will have to wait until next year to pursue the title (and wouldn’t that just be a shame—)

Kasey Kahne vs Kyle Busch–Kasey too was introduced to the Louden wall by Mr. Kyle Busch. Upset by it all, Kasey retaliated by crashing his car into Busch’s. Because of this little incident NASCAR officials pareked Kasey for the rest of the race. Like it would have mattered to Kasey at that point–his car was a total wreck, in fact only three wheels were touching the ground.

Finally–the best “conference call” of the day was Michal Waltrip vs Robby Gordon. Apparently Robby too met the walls of Louden courtesy of Mr. Gordon. There was some other “conferencing” between the two previously in the race. Robby was a wee bit upset with Waltrip. Robby tried to pull a Kasey by running into Waltrip on the caution lap, but Michael was able to avoid him. Robby being the fierce competitor that he is was not satisfied. He proceed to climb out of his car with helmet in tow and waiting for Waltrip to come back around. The wind up and pitch, WHAM, just a bit outside. I have to agree with other observers..how do miss Waltrips window at POINT BLANK RANGE??? Hey Robby—maybe if that NASCAR thing doesn’t work out you could go pitch for the KC Royals–it wouldn’t hurt their season any this year…might be an improvement. Then Robby says the “s”-word on national TV.

Oh by the way…Ryan Newman won the race after passing Tony with two laps to go. They raced hard and clean. That’s the way it is done boys. Tony is still leading the points with 9 races to go. Watch out Tony–you missed the bullets a few times last week–you had a bird’s eye view of the Waltrip/Gordon conference and the clipping of #8 right rear. You did have an awesome qualifying lap…..Good Luck at Dover–watch out for that #24 car…remember last time at dover?????

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