Car Wreck

For those of you who don’t know I was in a car wreck on Friday morning (10/21/05) on my way to work. A driver did not stop at a stop sign from a side street and hit the passenger side of my Santa Fe (just barely a year old). After the car hit me, the driver kept going. Luckily a witness followed the car and got the license plate number. I am ok, but still a little sore. I think because I saw him start to pull out, my swerving in trying to avoid him helped with the impact. But it doesn’t matter, my car is at the dealership getting the once over. I hope all they have to do is repair the doors, etc. I really like my car and it is the first one I have ever had that was model year. Well…here are some of the pics of the damage.

Image hosted by

I am waiting to here from in the Lubbock PD about my case. They say it will take about a week or so to get the report. I am also waiting to here from the body shop and insurance people about how much damage there was to the car. I hope they can get it fixed before next Thursday. We are going to Dallas for the big NASCAR weekend. I really don’t want to sit in a Dodge Neon for 5 or hours one way.

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