The Saga Continues

Ended up going to the ER last night…neck and back pain too much to take. I spent roughly three hours there. Three hours of my life I can’t get back! The did a CAT scan and x-rayed my neck and back. Everything looked ok. It’s mainly muscle and ligment strains, but the upside of it all is they gave me some good pain medicine and a muscle relaxer! I did however have a problem with the ER people. They gave me an allergy tag that clearly says “Motrin” on it. But what is the drug they try to give me before I leave and also prescribed to me–you guessed it MOTRIN. Hello morons—this little red tag you people put on me clearly says “NO MOTRIN”!!! At least my car insurance will pay for this little trip to the ER.

As I was headed into the ER, I received the call I had been dreading all day–the call from the body shop. Charles and I thought it looked like about 2000 or so damage…oh no, we weren’t even close. It was $7, 334.34 worth of damage. Let me repeat that figure one more time–$7,334.34! I have to pay of course the deductible, but luckily that’s it. I would like to think the person who hit me has insurance, but that’s asking too much these days. I won’t be able to pick up my car until next Friday (11/4), however since I will be out of town at the NASCAR event in Dallas, I won’t get to have my car until the following Monday. This means we have to rent a car because our little Dodge Neon wouldn’t make it out of Lubbock County. So there is more $$$ we have to doll out because of this idiot.

At least today at work I will be able to tolerate the pain with the meds I have. Ya gotta love the good drugs!

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