The Excitement that is NASCAR

This is my first post in about three weeks. Haven’t been too motivated to post the last couple of weeks so I thought now would be a perfect time to do so.

Tony is going into Homestead with the champisonship lead…YEA!!!

Kurt B. was suspended by Jack Roush on Sunday for the remaining races in the season (Phoenix & Miami) for his conduct on Friday night. He was pulled over for reckless driving and cited, however he was taken in for suspcion of DUI. I don’t think Roush was too harsh on his punishment for Kurt. Kurt is the defending Nextel Cup champion. As so, you represent NASCAR, your racing team, and your sponsors. Kurt should have a higher standard of behavior for himself. He did apologize for his actions, but he needs to understand he is in the public eye and no matter if he likes it not his actions speak louder than words. GREAT JOB with the #97 on Sudany Kenny!!! You went from the very back to finish up #16. Not too shabby for someone who didn’t have any laps with the car. GREAT JOB!!!

For those of you who don’t know I was at the Texas race last weekend. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! If you love NASCAR as much as I do and haven’t been to a live race—GO–BOOK THOSE TICKETS NOW!!! I am obsessed with NASCAR–pretty much live and breath it. But I was so awestruck last weekend. I knew we would have access to the pits, but the amount of access was unreal. We saw several of our favorite drivers and a few others. My husband was in heaven when he got to see his fave driver (Mark Martin) up close. Saw Tony and Jeff too. Being in the pits was awesome…it puts my obessesion on a whole new plane…Let me see exlain it in terms to those who don’t understand it…imagine being able to go backstage at a conert of your favorite rock star. Imagine being able to see up close and personal evyerhting that goes on. See the guitars they will use. Interact with everyone and perhaps even get to see the rock star himself and ask for an autograph. That’s how it was for me in the pits. Sure I didn’t get Tony’s autograph or even Jeff’s (got a picture though). It was just the thrill of knowing I was thatclose to them that made my weekend. It made me fall in love with NASCAR all over again.

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Well, this is the Championship week…Tony is in the lead at the present moment. It will probably come down to the last lap of the race. After Sunday…it will be only 81 days til the Bud Shootout! Yes–I have calculated the number of days from the last race this season to the next one of next season…I know Daytona is the acutal first race, but hey NASCAR racing starts 2/11/06!!!! Boggity, Boggity, Boggity, let’s go racin’ boys!!!!!

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