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Whew—we all knew it would come down to this race. We had a bit of scare Friday night in practice when Tony took his car for a little spin. Luckily he didn’t hit anything. We came out the next day and qualified 20. His closest competitors (Jimmie and Carl) qualified 32nd and 1st respectively. At the start of the race Tony would have to finish 9th or better to win the championship.

Once Jimmie hit the wall after his tire blew, all Tony had to do was finish 20th or better and the championship was his. Tony’s car wasn’t the best all night. Zippy and the boys tried to get the car dialed in for Tony all night.

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Carl Edwards’ car was dominating most of the night, but in order for Carl to even think about winning the championship he would have to lead the most laps, win the race, and have something happen to Tony. He only got one out of three. Greg Biffle and Mark Martin came on strong towards the end. I was hoping Mark could have taken Biffle for the win. Wow–what a finish. Roush took 1, 2, 3, 4 place followed by Casey Mears in 5th. Casey’s car was some kind of hot rod last night.

The night wasn’t just about Tony…this was the last race for veteran drivers Rusty Wallace and Ricky Rudd. Thanks for the memories.

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Well..there are only 81 days until the Bud Shootout, but I will survive the offseason knowing I have bragging rights in my household for an entire year. I will however be able to get my NASCAR fix during the offseason..there’s the awards ceremony, Daytona testing…and of course the Bud Shootout.

Have a great off season boys—see ya in February!!!

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