Whew–what a wild ride it was yesterday for the #20! Tony was among the favorites to win the 500, however it was the case this year. Tony started mid pack yesterday, but I wasn’t too worried. He always managed to find his way to the front. But those pesky other drivers weren’t helping him either. First up…Jeff Gordon. It’s hard to be mad with this incident. This involved both of my “boys” and I feel both were to blame for this one. Next up Matt Kenseth. I didn’t see what Kenseth did, but Tony just wouldn’t go after someone unless there was a reason. I was not a fan of Kenseth before now and he sure isn’t winning me over now. If you can’t run with the big dogs—stay in the pits. Then finally there was Kyle Busch–the little shrub. Was this payback from the Shootout Shrub? Tony received his penalty for the Kenseth run in and also for running over his jack in the pits. By the way Tony finished 5th. Jeff finished 27th, Matt 17th, Shrub 26th. Now who is laughing—I am upset that Jeff didn’t finish higher than he did because he did a great job trying to come back, but a late crash just killed a good finish.

I was not happy who won the Daytona. I make no bones about my hatred for Jimmie Johnson (and yes I know Jeff is part owner). This cheating was blatant and how ironic that Chad Knaus wasn’t the winning crew chief. I hope they suspended him for the same amount Kevin Harvick’s crew chief got last year. I do think NASCAR needs to look at repeat offenders and hit them where it hurts.

Other excitement from Daytona weekend—Mark Martin won the truck race and Tony won the Busch race–YEA!!! so it wasn’t a complete wash for the weekend. Note to Kenseth–you did win the IROC race—build that bridge Matt.
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And my shout out this week goes to: Sam Hornish (Indy Racer)–thanks for bumping Mark Martin during the IROC race–ya took out Mark and almost Tony! What a joy you must be to run against in the Indy circuit. That’s ok–Race #2—is in TEXAS!!!

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And of course…I just can’t do it…i can’t congratulate Jimmie. Sorry! How was the view of the race from your set Chad??? I bet it wasn’t as good as Jimmie’s.

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