More on Daytona

I would like to take this time to say thank you Jimmie for dedicating your win to all the 48 haters. I haven’t had anything dedicated to me in awhile and you know what I feel warm and fuzzy all over—NOT!

I don’t consider myself a “hater”…I just don’t like you. I don’t like the fact that your crew chief has to “modify” your car to make it go better. Does he not any kind of faith in your abilities? You do have some because you wouldn’t be at this level of NASCAR if you didn’t. You did win the Daytona 500 and that is an achievement only a select few can claim.

Punishment was handed out to Knaus. He was suspended for the next 3 races (California, Vegas, & Atlanta) and fined 25,000. No driver points or owner points taken away. Oooohhh–i bet the other teams in the garage are running scared. But yet Terry Labonte and his team were docked owner and driver points for their rules violation. Knaus is a repeat offender. It was this time last year that he was caught with “cheating”. Ugh!!!! Does NASCAR have some kind of system when it comes to punishment? Are there guidelines? I am sure there are, but it seems they are very erratic and vague. I mean come on–Junior was docked driver points and fined for saying “S***” on national TV. It wasn’t like he planned to say the word during the post race interview…it just comes out. Sometimes that happens to me when I am talking to someone.

Should Tony have been given a stiffer penalty for his 2-car communication seminar with Matt K.? Perhaps–tail of the longest line at Daytona isn’t really punishment since Tony worked his way to the front pack. Yes–he should have been parked for a lap. Tony would have made it up. He had to come back to pit road after he ran over his jack during a pit stop.

It will be interesting to see how Jimmie will perform this weekend at California and the next few races where race time adjustments can make or break you.

Good luck boys!!!!

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