No ‘shine in California

Ugh—I knew it was going to be bad yesterday for Tony when my husband forgot there was a pan of hot grease on the stove–smoke filled out apartment and well we spent the next 20-30 minutes outside with our two cats waiting for the smoke to clear so we could go back and not get a lung full of smoke–thanks honey!!!

Anyhow–Tony’s day started off good, but that’s not how it ended up. There was problem on one of his pit stops–one of his guys got his hand caught up in the tire well….ouch! I hope he is ok. Then a left front tire went down so he had to make unscheduled pit stop which put him off sequence with the rest of the field. Then he blew an engine. You know it is bad when you see smoke from Smoke’s car. He finished 43rd. I was not pleased with the results. There was a bright side to this weekend…I am eighth in the Pick Em contest on I bet quite a few people were hit hard with yesterday’s result. I picked Tony to finish 12th (its about where he finished last year) and he finished 43 which meant I ended up with 31 points. Object of said contest–be the one with the lowest point total–last week I hit it right on the head. I picked he would finish 5th and he did. But I didn’t guess the race winner last week. I thought I had this week’s winner nailed, Greg Biffle, but he too followed in Tony’s oil tracks–blown engine.

The weekend wasn’t a complete waste Mark Martin won his second truck race in row. It was like deja vu. Mark in the lead with Todd Bodine and Ted Musgrave behind him as well as the green white checker. Congrats Mark!

So–what was I left with—Matt Kenseth winning the race. Funny how the racing karma comes to bite you in the butt. I didn’t care as long as Jimmie didn’t when. I sort of made a deal with my husband that if Jimmie won I would wear a Jimmie t-shirt. Of course, if you know my husband he would have made me where it in public—where everyone could see. Thank you Matt!

The boys will be in Vegas week after next–taking a weekend off.

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