Happy Texas Independence Day

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It is March 2, 2006—Happy Texas independence Day!

170 years ago today, Texas gained its independence

I had a conversation yesterday regarding the Texas attitude. I guess those who are don’t live in Texas don’t understand what it is like to be from Texas. We are the greatest state in the union. How Texas became Texas is quite an interesting read. I mean come on–do you really think it would be interesting to study the birth of Ohio? I think not–even though I am from Ohio–moved to Texas when I was five–I am a Texan. So as you go about your work day (this should be a state holiday) take a moment to remember Texas. Put in a Willie CD, have a bowl of chili, a cold Shiner, and a slice of pecan pie and remember how lucky you are to be in Texas!

Facts about Texas

  • 2nd largest state in the US
  • Current governor: Rick Perry
  • Current President of US, George W. Bush from Texas
  • State nickname: Lone Star State
  • State capital: Austin
  • State bird: Mockingbird
  • State flower: Bluebonnet
  • State dish: chili
  • State tree: pecan
  • State motto: friendship
  • State song: “Texas, Our Texas”

The Six Flags of Texas

Image hosting by PhotobucketUS: 1845-1861; 1865-present

Image hosting by PhotobucketConfederacy: 1861-1865

Image hosting by PhotobucketRepublic: 1836-1845

Image hosting by PhotobucketMexico: 1821-1836

Image hosting by Photobucket France: 1685-1690

Image hosting by PhotobucketSpain: 1519-1685; 1690-1821

“W” for Governor
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