You Can’t Fix Stupid

you can’t fix stupid–why can’t you fix stupid? there should be some kind of medicine you could give someone and POOF, no more stupid. or if that doesn’t work give me some kind of booster shot to protect me from the stupid people of the world–here are some other people that i feel i should have some kind of booster shot for or at least a stun gun to get rid of them

people i love to hate
1. people who wear too much perfume and/or cologne or don’t take baths–we don’t want to smell the stink either way
2. drivers who don’t use turn signals–i’m not psychic
3. drivers who MUST feel the need to share their music with everyone else in traffic–i do this occassionally because sometimes you gotta jam, but when i approach an intersection i turn my radio down–i don’t think the car load of gray hairs want to hear bon jovi–if they do…rock on!
4. Pedal on the right–green means go–red stop.
5. stupid people–no one in particular today
6. pedestrians who don’t look both ways when crossing the street–i will run over you!
7. people who tell you it’s imperative you contact them and then when you do and you leave a message don’t return your call— you stated it was imperative i get a hold of you–i don’t have time to play phone tag
8. junk email–come on–do you really think i am going to send my personal information to you???
9. shoes that hurt my feet–not really a person–it’s just my feet are killing me
10. co-workers who can’t keep their mouths shut–i really don’t care that jim bob is having a prostate exam–if i wanted to know that jim bob was going in for a prostate exam i would have asked jim bob myself
11. people who drive in parade mode–there’s a speed limit for a reason–if are going to be in parade mode, GET IN THE RIGHT LANE!!!
12. papercuts–not people, but damn those things hurt
13. people who wear clothes that are too small/tight/not age appropriate–just because they make in your size doesn’t mean you should wear–mirrors are a good thing
14. politicians

whew–that’s a lot of people–i am tired

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