Leaving Las Vegas

Rolled the dice and crapped out! Tony finished 21 after running good all day. Which didn’t help my chances in the Pick ‘Em contest I am in. I picked Tony to finish 7th and if he had finished in the top 10, I would be sitting pretty right now. Oh well–on to Atlanta.

Still don’t know what him and little shrub are squabbling about?? Tony–get the hedge trimmers and show shrub what it is all about. You were just racing. Hey–little shrub–quit whining and race. You did finish better than Tony. I believe you were one of three Hendrick drivers to finish in the top 5.

Jeff G. had a great race finishing in the top 5. Great race Jeff!

Yes the green/white checker came out again. Poor Matt Kenseth–that last caution really killed his chances of winning the race. If it had stayed green he would have won–Jimmie would not have caught him. But I guess that’s what racing is all about.

Funny how Jimmie has been running good since Chad’s departure. One more race without him. He will be back at Bristol.

On to Atlanta boys—see ya there.

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