Weather Craziness

As you may know accoridng to my blog I live in Raiderland–aka Lubbock, Texas. For those of you who don’t know where that is–it is someone where between middle of nowhere and BFE. Don’t get me wrong, I like living in Lubbock, but the weather here can sometimes be a BITCH!

Here is a little sample of the weather over the last several days

Saturday, March 18: Rain (which we needed)–hadn’t had a decent rain since October. With this rain came the usual flooded streets–we are flat out here with an ok drainage systems and playa lakes.

Sunday, March 19: Rain–sort of on and off throughout the day–thunderstorms rolled on trhough during the nighttime hours–this gave our local meterologists something to do…gotta love dueling Dopplers.

Monday, March 20: FREAKIN’ WIND!!! For those of you who don’t know Lubbock has 5 seasons–the usually spring, summer, fall, winter and our fifth Windy Season. It is a sight to behold to see half of New Mexico blow in during one of these wind storms. Some times when this happens and it rains—your get to see the phenomenon of what we like to call “raining mud”. Luckily, since it rained over the weekend the dirt was too wet to be lifted by what seemed like hurricane force winds…UGH!!!

Tuesday, March 21: Not so bad–someone closed the barn door–it was breezy, but not like Monday. The sun was out and it was kind of a nice day.

Wednesday, March 22: COLD!!!! feel it down to your bones COLD!!! and here’s the kicker—THERE’S A CHANCE FOR SNOW (1-3 INCHES) of course the weather people assure us that it won’t accumulate! It is March people. This is the first week of spring, what is the deal???

Outlook for Sunday and Monday–70 degree weather!!!!

So this means we have had every kind of weather except a tornado—of course I am not going to rule out that either!!!

hope the weather is good where you are!

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