Just the Facts

yes…thank god it is friday. this means in two weeks i will be at TMS (Texas Motor Speedway)! Can’t wait!

i have been doing this blogging thing for about a year now. it has been an interesting learning experience. i have found it to be somewhat fun. i never kept a diary or journal as a child–i guess i just wasn’t very disciplined enough. This is soooooo much better. i found several interesting “blogs” during this process, some i read every day with out fail and others…well, come on people, if you want to keep me interested post something—damn it! i will be the first to admit that blogging takes time–some days i don’t have it, but here lately i have been some what a fanatic about making sure i post something of some interest. for those of you who have recently ventured into the “blogasphere” welcome. it’s free and definately way cheaper than a therapist.

i don’t usually talk too much about things in my personal life on this particular blog, but i just have to on this one thing. i had my first mammogram yesterday–that’s right folks i got “SQUISHED”. it wasn’t as bad as i had played it out in my head–i was thinking there it was going to be some medievel torture device the way my doctor described it, but it wasn’t all that bad–i was in there maybe 15 minutes. the lady who was there was pretty nice–could have been a little more friendlier and understanding of why i was there, but all in all not too bad of an experience for me—everything turned out ok. so don’t be afraid of the Squish!

March Madness
March Madness has struck again! last night Duke (#1 seed) was beaten by LSU…Gonzaga was beaten by UCLA after Gonzaga DOMINATED the entire game–UCLA scored the last 11 points of the game…and Texas beat West Virginia…even though i am all about state pride—i really wanted W VA to win…as an alum from TTU it is very difficult for me to rout for Texas to win in anything…i will admit i did want Texas to beat USC in the rose bowl–state pride and all, plus all the media was just falling all over USC–Texas clearly was the better team at that point. Last night’s results really screwed up my husband’s bracket–HE ALWAYS PICKS DUKE TO GO TO THE FINAL FOUR–not this year baby! I hope Texas doesn’t win the tourney–UGH–that will mean more people wearing burnt orange–not a good color on most people.

Last but certainly not least—NASCAR! It’s short track time! I love to watch short track racing–all the beatin’ and bangin’ going on–tempers flaring–makes for some EXCELLENT racing! Good Luck boys!

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