Thunder Valley

what an exciting day at Bristol–a bump and run finish with kenseth getting the bump from kurt—you knew he was going to do it…so it wasn’t much of surprise when kurt “bumped” kenseth out of the way for the victory. It was nice to see the #2 in victory lane, unfortunately for me i would have rather seen rusty there instead of “Big Shrub”.

[Sidebar #1– I haven’t mentioned much aobut this, but i think it is time. Why on ear did Kurt have his ears pinned back? For whatever reason, come on. You are in the spot light–everything about you will be scruntinized. What about all the “fat” jokes Tony had laid upon him last year? I am sure someone in the dark corners of his race hauler this things bothered Tony, but if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laught at??? ]

oh well…back to more important things

i was somewhat irritated by the fact that kenseth bumped jeff. this caused jeff to end up 21st instead of in the top 10. damn you kenseth! note to kenseth–when you poke the sleeping bear and it wakes, don’t run over there and try to hug it. you should have waited until jeff calmed down a bit..instead you went over to him to explain things and then you are surprised by the fact of the way he reacted…dude— not the crunchiest chip in the bag are ya??? hey–kenseth…paybacks are a bitch–watch out! you boys are heading to martinsville next week–(evil laugh…evil laugh)

Tony finished 12th after having a good car and leading with the most laps with 245. Tony quotes, “I am really disappointed. We had an awesome car, I felt like I ran the most patient race I have ever run at Bristol. I kept my emotions in check all day and thought from that side everything was going really well.”

Martin Truex got a Bristol lesson from both Jeff and Tony yesterday. Sure, the one from Jeff was uncalled for, but it’s Bristol, however, when Truex was trying to “get back” at Jeff he was holding up the the rest of the cars behind him who were obviously faster. Thanks Tony for that lesson in “move your ass out of my way”.

[Sidebar #2]–I usually don’t mention the Busch or even the truck fesitivities unless my drivers are involved, but what was up with the snow on Saturday? But I can relate to the extreme weather–i live in lubbock. last week alone we had rain, wind, snow, fog, and sun. I would like to say Fox makes weather delays interesting unlike NBC. Thanks guys

On to Martinsville and then Texas!

Good Luck boys!

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