sporks, fruit loops, and taco villa, oh my

now that i have my nascar post out of the way for today i can ramble on about nothing.

what a little invention! for those of you who must live in a cave or are amish, a spork is a the ingenous invention which is both fork and spoon…hence the name spork. i recently acquired my spork from taco bell. Enjoy!

i just love fruitloops. i love to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I prefer them without milk. In fact i have a full bag of fruitloops in my desk drawer for a mid afternoon snack yum.

taco villa
i love their tacos. don’t know why, but every time i go there–tacos is what i get. i went in the other day to purchase said tacos to find not one, not two, but three people working one register. ok..they were all trying to figure out what was wrong with the register..then one suddenly said…you cash drawer is stuck. ugh—only the best are hired at taco villa

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