rant of a crazy woman

i don’t deny it–i am a crazy woman. i am use dthe fact that i am a gemini and that i have two sides to my personality–this morning one of personalities reared its ugly head.

i am usually a calm person and understand the whole customer service crap for i too work in area where customer service is important, but today i have been pushed too far.

monday, march 20
i am a season ticket holder at Texas Motor Speedway. season ticket packets aren’t cheap(we chunked down about $800) and that is why when i hadn’t received my tickets i became quite concerned. i asked my husband to call TMS to see what was up. the customer service person he spoke with said to wait until friday and then call back…she didn’t even try to find out what happened to the tickets.

friday, march 21
my husband calls TMS back as as instructed and the other customer service person asked why the previous person didn’t check on them…he was told that UPS delivered out tickets on February 28. UPS left the tickets outside our door because nobody was home .

[Sidebar–I don’t like the fact that UPS just left my tickets outside my door. I live in an apartment complex and we have an office where items can be left for residents who are not at home to receive their packages. Why did this UPS person not think to do this? We have had several things delivered from them in the past and if we weren’t home they were left in the apartment office. Just one more reason that USPS is the way to go.]

any hoo, he was told he would need to speak to another person (Brandy) about our tickets. ssince she was unavailable at the time he left her a message. i wasn’t too upset because my husband called her late and right before five so i wasn’t expecting a return phone call until monday

monday, march 27
Brandy called my husband back at 4:15 pm and tells him that i would have to call her because my name is on the account…ugh…i think my husband can handle this matter for me…i mean after all i had asked him to call on my behalf…fine… so i giver her a ring not 10 minutes after my husband talked with her…i was told she was either away from her desk or on the phone. so i left her two messages. I am becoming very frustrated at this point. let me remind you people “I AM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER!!!!” and the race is ONE WEEK AWAY!

tuesday, march 28
i tried to contact Brandy once more this morning–and left another message. i wanted to get things taken care of today b/c –well the race is next week. i make another attempt to contact this person and get a very snooty customer service person

Trixie: Yes, may I speak with Brandy?

Snooty TMS Rep: Which one? We have two in the office.

Trixie: I am not sure. I am trying to fix this problem with my ticket packet.

Snooty TMS Rep: She is on the phone right now. Have you left a message with her?

Trixie: Yes, but she hasn’t returned my calls and I have been trying to get this taken care for about a week.

Snooty TMS Rep: She is a very busy person and she will call you back. She has several customers to take care of today and she is the only person who can help you.

Trixie: I understand that, but my tickets were stolen and I would like to get this taken care of.

Snooty TMS Rep: (once again in case i missed her ATTITUDE the firsttim), she will call you back just be patient. Have a nice day.

this is where i lost it…i am not calling just to ask questions lady…i want to know how i can get my tickets reissued to me because THEY WERE STOLEN. STOLEN–TAKEN BY SOMEONE WHO DID NOT PAY FOR THEM!!!! i understand i am not the only customer she has, but you don’t have to be so SNOOTY TO ME. HEY–I AM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER!

After this “FUN FILLED TIME” with the customer service rep– i call my ever patient husband and lay into him not on purpose mind you..i just needed to vent. i wasn’t mad at him…after all he tried to help. Shortly after talking with said husband, Brandy (who i have been trying to reach) returns my phone call. She reassured me that my ticket packet for this season would be available for pickup next Thursday and the barcodes listed for the first packet were cancelled and new bar codes were issued. She also stated that if THESE THIEVES managed to get through the gate and sit in our seats, i could have the usher have the escorted off the premises. YIPEE!!!!

I would like to say thank you to Brandy for calling me back and alleviating my fears and anxiety about my tickets. This person treated me kindly and was very helpful unlike the other customer service representatives i had spoken.

Note–I have had nothing but positive experiences with TMS. Every time I have called regarding something on my account they have been very helpful, but I don’t know what was up with Miss Snooty Customer Service Rep. Was she having a bad day? So was I. MY TICKETS HAD BEEN STOLEN and I wanted some assistance on how I could get them reissued. I was nice, said my please and thank yous, and I also told them I appreciated for helping me. I hope this rep has a better day tomorrow. UGH!

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