Good Ole Axtell High

i was a little taken back the following story KWTX (Once here click on the story “Middle School Teacher Charged wtih Giving Alcohol to Minors)

I don’t know the teacher personally, but I did go to school with her and her brother. Her brother was a year older than me in school. She was maybe 6-7 years younger than me. I found out her brother is on the school board as well.

Now I remember her brother very well. The nicest person you want to meet. He was a great athlete and he wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. He would always have a smile on his face and even now when he sees my mom he asks how I am doing. I remember his parents as very nice and friendly people. So when I heard about this story before it was even in the news, I was shocked. What was she thinking?

(1) Someone who is clearly over the age of 21 giving alcohol to someone who is clearly under the age of 21 is illegal.
(2) She is a teacher. These are students. You don’t cross that line…period.

I hope for whatever reason possessed her to do this she won’t do again. And if she has some other issues, I hope she gets help.

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