Yep–that’s right it is Wedensday. Hump day…middle of the work week…and i hate typing the word “Wednesday”…i always end up typing it as Wedensday as you can tell in the first part of this posting. But for me it is my Friday–i am going out of town for the NASCAR weekend in Ft. Worth. That’s right folks 4 days of racing and communing with fellow NASCAR fans.

As much as I like to travel…everything leading up to it sucks. You have to pack. You have to make sure you have all travel documents/paperwork etc before you leave. You need to make sure your house is in order because i really hate coming back to a house that isn’t in order. It is the last thing you want to do after coming off a vacation. You start to make that list of things you need for your vacation, but inevitable you forget something. UGH!!!

This will also mean I will not be able to post anything on my blog either. Lately I have enjoyed posting to it. I don’t know why. I guess because it gives me an outlet for my weird musings. So if you read my blog on a semi-basis, don’t worry, I will have plenty to write about when I get back.

i’m outta here

One thought on “TGIW

  1. I think I know a little place in Fort Worth that might let you borrow some dsl time…in exchange for your evervescent company! wink!

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