TMS Weekend

I was at TMS this past weekend and boy am I tired and sunburned. This will probalby be a long post so BEWARE.

Wednesday,April 5
Didn’t get to do much with regards to the race. We were traveling from Lubbock to Lewisville where we were staying during the festivities. We arrived at our lodging for the weekend about midnight. All I wanted to see was the back of my eyelds.

Thursday, April 6
Headed out to TMS to pick up the coveted pit passes! We had to also pick our tickets (drama explained in a previous post) at 10:30. So we mainly walked around scoped out the souvenir trailers and purchased my scanner Fan View from Nextel. Pretty cool little device. We headed to the pits to see if we could see anybody (Tony or Mark) during IROC practice. Well, we saw Mark along with several of the other IROC drivers. We managed to get several autographs and pictures. Yes–I did manage to get Ryan Newman’s autograph. I have never been much of a fan, but due to the fact that I am a NASCAR fan I wanted it. I got it, but it was such a butt and this was after I asked nicely and said thank you and have a good race. Maybe he didn’t like the fact that I had a Kevin Harvick shirt and Tony Stewart credential holder on. Well, neither did the others…UGH…let’s just say he didn’t win me over as a fan…BOO! We decided to forego FANDANGO (only for season ticket holders) to have dinner with a good friend of ours who happens to live in the area. (Note–While watching “7 days” on SPEED, I found out Mr. Tony Stewart was at FANDANGO.) But here’s the thing I just don’t give up NASCAR for anybody. SHOUT OUT TO YOU MY FRIEND–THANKS FOR DINNER!!!

Friday, April 7
Out early to TMS—wanted to get good parking spot. We did the whole walk the midway thing today. We have more free CRAP than I know what to do with. I am wearing my cool little lanyard I got for free from Nextel. Hey–Schwan’s was also handing out FREE ice cream sandwiches…YUM YUM. My husband and I did get our pictures taken in the “Big Red Chair” that’s right the one from the Radio Shack commercials. Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

I did stand in line to get Mario Batali’s autograph. For those of you who don’t watch the Food Channel, he is one of the Iron Chef’s on “Iron Chef America. He was signing his new book entitled Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style: The Essential Cookbook for NASCAR Fans. He was pretty cool.

Image hosting by Photobucket

When most of the drivers make appearances at either their souvenir trailers or sponsor booths, you have to get up bright and early (even chickens don’t get up that early) and wait to receive a coveted “ticket”. This means you will be able to come back and get the driver’s autograph. You didn’t need a ticket for this signing.

Troy Aikman spotted by husband. He is part owner of Hall of Fame Racing with another Cowboy quarterback–you may have heard of him Roger Staubach.

Image hosting by Photobucket

My husband was in HEAVEN today. He was able to get Mark Martin’s autograph. This is pretty good since this was our second race to attend. We meet some guy who has been trying to get Mark’s autograph for 10 years and he too was happy…he was able to get it.

The IROC race was great! Tony won! He came from the back of the pack to win on Friday night. Here are some pics (not from my camera) from the race.

Steve Kinser–I give him a 8.5 on the initial take off and spins in the air, but he nailed the landing and he walked away–a score of 9.7!
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Saturday, April 8
Once again we try to arrive early to get a good spot in the parking lot. This is good because it is less walking for you when you have bags of free crap and souvenirs. People proudly display their drivers whether it be with flags, stickers, tatoos, shirts, etc. We did see that Texas Tech was represented in the parking lot or “tailgating lot”. You see people who follow NASCAR tailgate for days..not hours…i repeat DAYS! More free stuff was collected again. I don’t know why I do this, I guess because it is FREE! Went to the pits for a bit before the BUSCH race. I am getting more and more into the BUSCH drivers. I was able to get Burney Lamar’s autograph (once again on “ticket” required). He drives the #77 for Kevin Harvick. He was a cutie and very nice. I hope he stays that way. He didn’t however have a good race. Kevin H. ran good during the race, however Big Shrub (aka Kurt Busch) won the race. He tried to look cute with his post race celebration, but it came out looking goofy. Snow angels in Texas in April! PLEEEAASSEE!!!

We didn’t get to see the end of the race because we were meeting another friend of ours who lives in the area. THANKS for the great conversation! By the way my TTU ring was found. I left it in the hotel room.

Sunday, April 9
The big boys’ race today. We left the hotel early thinking we could beat quite a bit of the traffice—WRONG! And this is about 8:00 in the AM. That’s right 8:00 FREAKIN’ IN THE MORNING! Well, we found a parking spot…and right across the dirt path TTU fans from Lubbock. Let me you tell you these people were very entertaining and fun to watch as well as nice. They offered us some of their “good eats”. Shout out to Jack–what a nice guy!

We went into the race about 11:00 to get into our seats. Note–race doesn’t start till 1:00, but I wanted to get things settled. Once everyone gets in their seats you don’t have much room to move. Preshow festivities weren’t too bad..Randy Travis gave a little pre-race concert. I don’t see how he survived–he had a jacket on—long sleeved. It was HOT! and not to mention you sit on metal benches and you are also crammed in the stands like sardines. Doesn’t make for a comfortable day! If there had been some wind it might not as been as uncomfortable. Luckily we were around nice people, except for the lady next to my husband she was smoking the whole time!!! NASTY!!

Back to the race–it was a good race.

Busch vs. Biffle–Kurt B. taking out Biffle. I am not—repeat not a Busch fan or a big fan of Biffle, but Kurt was wrong. Biffle had a great running car…was leading the race. The wreck caused damaged to the retaining wall. Thus a red flag was thrown out and the race stopped. (Let me remind you–very, very HOT and NO wind–stuffed in like sardines).

Biffle’s girlfriend, Nicole was very upset about the on track incident went over to the Kurt B.’s pit to discuss the incident a little further with Busch’s finacee, Eva. I am sure Nicole was concerned for Biffle’s safety. These cars are going close to 200 mph and what Kurt did was wrong. She did, in a classy way, what most of us women might have done. I read today that Nicole is getting a reprimand from NASCAR. Oh joy! What does that really mean to her? It’s not liek Biffle will be docked points or fined. Whatever NASCAR! Heaven forbid we shouldn’t play nice on Sundays. (Note: Biffle and Busch used to be teammates.)
Race recap: Carl Edwards wrecked out.

Tony came from 40th to finish 3rd after battling Kahne towards the end. Kevin finished 5th.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

After waiting for the hoardes of people to leave the stands we made our way to the midway so we could turn in our scanners. Now if you have never been to TMS on a Sunday race day be prepared. We had to go to the scanner trailer on the fair end of the midway and go against all the other people trying to get out. I felt like that salmon trying to swim upstream. I bought one more T-shirt as if I don’t have plenty in my closet. Since traffic is a BITCH, we tailgated out in the parking lot with the Tech people until traffic was bearable.

All in all it was a great weekend. I have very tired and sunburned. I have lots of laundry to do as well as some unpacking still to do, but it can wait. I have about 6 months to gear up for the November race. In the mean time I will have all the other race dates to keep me happy.

The boys are off this weekend. Next stop: Phoenix.

Have a great Easter.

One thought on “TMS Weekend

  1. HOLY COW! Who knew I was so highly thought of…you missed FANDANGO for me? Dude, you totally didn’t say a word! I am honored.

    Thanks for driving down to the south 40 for dinner…I’m not sure I would’ve been able to stay awake to drive up to y’all that night. You’re the best!!

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