NASCAR Obsession

Happy Easter to one and all. It’s the day before Easter and like always during the season I watch “The Ten Commandments” staring Charlton Heston. I haven’t watched it in a couple of years so here I am. Some of the special effects are kinda cheesy, but I have to remember this movie came out in 1956.

I usually post something about NASCAR on Monday or Tuesday, however, the Cup boys are off this weekend, but the Busch racers were in Nashville today. Kevin Harvick won! He is leading the points in the Busch series. The trophy—a Gibson guitar.
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I don’t know what I will do tomorrow without my NASCAR. Oh well…next week the race is on Saturday night in the desert. Good luck in Phoenix boys.

NASCAR purchase of the week: Tony Stewart steering wheel cover. Purchased at Target for $9.99.

Yep…another in a long line of Tony Stewart products I have purchased over the past year. My husband and I have amassed quite a few NASCAR items. In fact we have one room in our apartment dedicated to all of our NASCAR items.
Weirdest item: Jeff Gordon flashcards.
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My favorite item: an autographed 8×10 of Tony with the NEXTEL trophy.

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My husband’s favorite item:Mark Martin’s autograph on his TMS credential holder. (It’s hard to tell from this picture because if I had taken the picture without my hand in the picture you would have seen the other autograph behind it.)
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There are those who think we are nuts, but I really don’t care. I have found something I like and passionate about. We all should have something like that in our lives. This is something that I can enjoy with my husband. I am a little bit more “obsessed” with NASCAR than he is, but if you could have seen him last weekend when he was able to snag Mark Martin’s autograph then you would understand everything. Here are a few pics from the NASCAR room. (If I lived in a house instead of an apartment there would be more to this room.)
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As you can see from the picture collage above I have quite a few items in the NASCAR. My newest items–the Tony Stewart chair, with “Smoke the Monkey” and the two hats.

Even one of our cats (Rhett Butler) loves to be in the NASCAR room–as you can see he loves the Jeff Gordon fleece blanket.
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So if you stop by the homestead, take a moment and just enjoy the NASCAR room and then you will understand just a little piece of my world.

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