A Day Without NASCAR

That’s right—I spent yesterday watching no race. The Cup boys did not race on Easter. However, I was able to get my “NASCAR fix” by watching “NASCAR: Beyond the Wheel”. This show recaps the previous week’s race. I usually don’t watch this, but since it was from Texas, why not. I also watched “Back in the Day” hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. This show highlights races from back in the day–hence the title of the show. It was a race from 1968 at Bristol. Wow–what a difference now! So I guess I did technically get to watch a race–ok it was from 1968, but it was kinda cool to see how it was back in the day. Yikes–no safer barriers, hans devices, or all the other stuff they wear today. And the cars were wow–talk about a complete difference than today.

List of movies I watched yesterday. Note–#3 & #4 were running at the same time so I flipped back and forth.
1. Peggy Sue Got Married (starring Kathleen Turner, Nicholas Cage)
2. Girl Happy (last 20 minutes or so) (starring Elvis Presley)
3. Prince of Tides (starring Nick Nolte and Barbard Streisdan)
4. At First Sight (starring Val Kilmer)
5. Beaches (starring Bette Midler and Barbard Hershey)

After an morning and afternoon of watching movies, I watched “West Wing”. It was Leo’s funeral episode. For those of you who don’t watch West Wing, John Spencer the actor who played “Leo” died a couple a months ago. Yes, I did a little boo hooing during this episode. I really liked John Spencer as an actor. He will be missed.

I usually watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Sunday nights and it wasn’t on last night, I watched the new show What About Brian starring Barry Watson from 7th Heaven fame. It wasn’t bad. Last night’s episode was the pilot, its regular night is tonight 10/9 EST. This means it will probably get TIVOed since CSI:Miami is on at the same time.

Well–that’s how I spent my non-NASCAR race day.

hasta la vista!

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