It’s Friday–I am tired and I am in no mood for you Lubbock drivers.

Yellow light–hello–caution!!!–means the light is going to turn red. This doesn’t give you permission to speed through the intersection in the hopes you won’t have to sit through the light cycle again. Of course it doesn’t help when you see a LPD officer do the same thing. Shouldn’t they be setting the example here???

And heaven forbid the light should be red. I was sitting at a light today coming back to work from my lunch and I saw..count them…three cars run the red light. Luckily most of us waited until they went through the intersection. I have learned to hesitate before putting my SUV into an intersection in Lubbock.

Turn signals are a good thing. Just because you know where you are going doesn’t mean I do. I drive a big blue SUV…I cannot…I REPEAT…cannot stop on a dime. I am not participating in some brake experiment for Hyundai to see how well my brakes work.

I don’t know how many road construction projects Lubbock is undertaking at the moment, but it seems where ever I drive around town I see orange cones. People when the bright orange sign reads “Left lane closed ahead” it really is closed. Don’t drive up the left lane until you can’t drive no more and expect me to let you over (even if your signal is on) I read the sign. I moved into the other lane that was available for driving. And don’t even try to “squeeze in” either. Take a look at my back windows…I am a NASCAR fan, I have no problem with hitting another car. Isn’t that what insurance is for????

I dont’ like it when drivers cut me off, but if you do, DON’T SLOW DOWN once you get in front of me. I figured the reason you cut me off was to take the no space for you car spot in front of me despite the fact there was NOBODY behind me!

And finally–those of you who don’t the idea of merging onto the Loop…let me share some of the wisdom I learned in driver’s ed. When you merge into traffic, you should be almost or up to the speed of those cars that you are merging with. You don’t STOP or SLOW down! The only time you STOP is if you can’t merge. When another driver such as myself gives you space to merge—FREAKIN’ MERGE–DON’T SLOW DOWN!!

I would continue on with my discussion here, but I don’t have that kind of time.

So if you come to Lubbock, beware!

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