Here is my latest attempt at cake decorating. I needed a little practice since I have two others to make this week–one of which will require some detail. I used my co-workers as the “taste testers” of my little experiement. The only mishap…is the black icing. You wouldn’t think when you get black icing on your hands it would turn them purple. That’s right, my hands have just a hint of purple to them today. This usually wears off in a day or two, so if you see me…sorry for the hands.

The car could have probably used a little more detail, but when you are doing this about 6 am in the morning and you have to be at work by 8:00 and you have yet to get dressed, details have to be left out. Besides it was really small as it was. I think it looks ok. The “20” however doesn’t look too bad. I really hate black icing. Thank god, Tony’s primary color is orange. If I decide to practice with other drivers i.e. Kevin Harvick, I will have to use more black.

Luckily my husband’s driver Mark Martin is blue and red. Red–is also one of those colors you have to be careful using.

We shall see how it goes.

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One thought on “NASCAR Cake

  1. Hey there 🙂
    Think you did a great job on this one !!! Just keep practicing … it’s what makes you faster 🙂

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