8 thoughts on “Get the Vote Out–for Elliott

  1. Hi there! Thx for visiting my site! You have a great site as well! Would you mind if I added you to my list of NASCAR blogs?

    Rusty, a friend of mine out in blogland (lol), told me that some people have rigged the fox sexiest driver poll for either Gordon or Jarrett to win. Someone is rigging it so certain people get 10,000 or more votes a day, so I’m not going to even bother voting anymore since it’s rigged. Sigh. At least we all know that ESad is much hotter than ol’ Gordo!

    Have a great day!

  2. If it is rigged that’s not right. But we all know the truth and that’s all that matters to me.

    Sure, you can add me to mine if you want! The more the merrier as I always say.

    If you don’t mind…can I put link your site to mine?

  3. Hi Trixie! I’m that “infamous” Rusty that Christina was talking about (behind my back! LOL!). Christina is awesome…I’ve been lucky to make such great friends in the blogosphere!

    The Sadler Fan Club message board had a discussion about the rigging by fans of Ol’ Gordo. It sucks, and it’s very upsetting. Elliott is WAY hotter.

    Check out my blog if you’d like. 🙂 I love making new friends!

  4. Waaaaaait…I just looked at your profile – you’re a Jeff Gordon fan! Why aren’t you happy with him winning this sexy driver thing?

  5. When I first started watching NASCAR I was a Jeff fan (why I don’t know)–maybe it was something in the water here in Lubbock. However, I have come to my senses and seen the errors of my ways.

    I just think Elliott is way hotter than Jeff. Eliott has it all and Jeff…well I was once married to a whiner…one whiner is one too many.

  6. so ooo ooo maybe you should remove the jeff gordon section from your active site and move it into the archives …. ?????

  7. Damn, thanks for mentioning that. I will vote and vote and vote for dreamy, handsome, adorable, sexy, Elliott. *wipes drool off key-board*

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