For Phyllis

This one is for a fellow Elliott fan in Texas…this one’s for you Phyllis. My husband and I met Phyllis this past April at Texas Motor Speedway. She is a wonderful person and a huge Elliott Sadler fan. I am looking forward to seeing her in for the November race at TMS. Have a great weekend Phyllis! (**I found this pic of Elliott on Off the Pace –another fellow Elliott fan..great site.)

3 thoughts on “For Phyllis

  1. I’ll be at the November race in Texas too!!! How are the races there, it will be my first at that track… I’m taking my stepdad for his birthday cuz he’s a huge Terry Labonte fan and it will be Terry’s last race…

  2. It will be our third race to attend there. We went in April and had a blast. My husband was able to get Mark Martin’s autograph. We went last November as well. You will have a good time…if you are just going for the Cup race start out early..we Texans love our racin’.

  3. I put that picture up for a reason – it’s hot as hell. 🙂 Thanks for using it, AND for saying where you got it. I don’t mind a bit of free advertising for my blog space! 🙂

    I would love to go to Texas! (Well, I’ve been to Texas itself…I mean to the Speedway!) It’s supposed to be a great race there.

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