1st out: Vickers

Of all the HMS drivers, I wanted to see Vickers have a decent night. He doesn’t “fit in” with the others at HMS.
2nd out: Busch

I am really tired of Kyle Busch. Why on earth did Kyle feel the need to throw his Hans device at Casey Mear’s car? Hello…Casey’s car got loose! He didn’t do it on purpose. Kyle is such a JERK!!!!
3rd out: Gordon

Oh my…Jeffy Poo crashed into the wall. Something broke on his car. Oh what a shame..shucky darn. Would you like some cheese with that whine???

I fought the wall and the wall won
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…Tony! As they pulled Tony out of the car, he didn’t look too good. He was definately in some serious pain. I mean he is probably still sore from last night’s wreck and then now this. Your body can only take so much. I don’t care how much protection the drivers have around them, back to back crashes into a wall can a toll on one’s body. Tony was transported to a local hospital for observation. Tony has a fracture in his right scapula. Yikes!!!

Candyman Report
Once again, Elliott struggled all night long with his car. What’s up with that? I think Yates needs to look at the crew chief or perhaps others on the crew. How long can Elliott keep going like this? It has to be frustrating for Elliott. I am hoping things start looking up for Elliott. Elliott finished a dismal 30th.

Other Tidbits
Apparently Michael buying his way into the race didn’t work out for him tonight. Sometimes karma bites one in the butt. You finished 41st.

All in all I was happy with the results of the race. All 5 Roush cars were in the top ten. Postman hubby was happy with a 4th place finish for his driver Mark Martin.

Nice finish for Matt Kenseth. The weekend turned around nicely after the DNF in the Busch race.

Top Ten
1. Kasey Kahne
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Carl Edwards
4. Mark Martin
5. Matt Kenseth
6. Jeff Burton
7. Greg Biffle
8. Jamie McMurray
9. Denny Hamlin (R)
10. Reed Sorenson (R)

4 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. Trixie……I’m so sad about the CANDYMAN. It was hard to listen to him complain about his car for 5 hours (TRACKPASS). Perhaps RYR should clean house, except for the spotter. (Poor Dale Jarrett)
    Elliott deserves better support and equipment.How is it possible that he can have the worst car in the field week in and week out? Each race is spent making adjustments.
    What do you think the future holds for the handsomest driver?

    Sorry about darling Tony. He is so tough but so human. Only so many bumps and bruises can be absorbed……..

    Cute Kasey is the real deal !
    Twig Busch needs to be spanked !

    On to Dover –

    Trixie’s Blog is AWESOME !

  2. p.sT he last anonymous post is really from me, mms38lady. I’m a little new at this web communication stuff, but i’m learning……..

  3. I agree, poor Elliott. It’s obviously not his fault because both cars have been performing bad this year.
    And poor Tony, hope he is going to be okay.
    At least JJ didn’t win the 600 this year!!!!

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