Michael Waltrip

I have been watching all that has upfolded this past weekend with Mr. Waltrip.

Did he violate any NASCAR rules by purchasing Derrike Cope’s ride? No.

Was is it professional? Maybe in his eyes it might have been. I mean after all his big brother did it. So why not? I also noticed that old DW didn’t have much to say on the subject or it could have been the fact that I am learning to tune DW out when he speaks–but that rant is for another day.

I would like to think if Mikey had that kind of money to “buy” his way into the race, he could invest it into his car. By investing into his car wouldn’t you assume, you would have the car week in and week out to qualify for the races? Come on Mikey, you have NAPA auto parts for a sponsor. Couldn’t you get some car parts from them? Maybe if he stopped making all those annoying NAPA/Aaron’s commercials, he would have time to focus on his car, his driving, etc. (NAPA commercials are just not the same any more without Dale Jr. in them.).

When Scott Riggs didn’t qualify for the Daytona 500 this year, you didn’t see him or his owner buy their way into the race. Scott took his “defeat” and soldiered on. And he has qualified for every race ever since, including winning the pole for the Coca Cola 600.

To be honest, I never knew who Michael Waltrip was until he won the Daytona 500 back in 2001. Of course, I didn’t follow NASCAR as much as I do now, but I knew enough to know I didn’t even know of him. Of course the only thing I remember about that Daytona 500 was the loss of Dale Sr.

I really hate it when the pit reporters interview him. Can’t they find someone more interesting and less annoying to interview say like Little Shrub or Unibrow? It seems as if he isn’t focused or serious about his performance this year. It’s like he doesn’t care because next year he will be racing with Toyota and Dale Jarrett will be his teammate. Just a reminder Mikey, if you want to be guaranteed a spot in the first 5 races of the 2007 season, you need to be in the top 35 in owner points.

Oh, well, I have probably somewhere upset Mikey fans, but you know what I don’t care. I thought what he did was wrong.

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