This Bud’s For You!

According to
“The predominantly cream-colored car will feature vintage Budweiser bow-tie logos which were introduced in 1956 — the same year Ralph Earnhardt won the NASCAR National Sportsman title, a series that eventually became the modern-day Busch Series. Dale Earnhardt also raced a similar paint scheme when he began his NASCAR career in 1974 — the same year Dale Jr. was born.”

Can’t wait until Michigan! First the black #8 at Talladega and now this. Talk about Back In The Day! Thanks Junior!

2 thoughts on “This Bud’s For You!

  1. I’m liking this car! I don’t think I have ever stopped by your site! Visit me any time you’d like. I’m sorry my site isn’t as up to date as I should keep it…..

  2. I love vintage, and I’m lovin’ these classic paint schemes. Mark Martin’s vintage 6 was great last year, and this 8 is awesome, too. I had so wanted Rusty to run “Midnight” again before he retired – the old MGD car he raced in the early 90’s. I loved that car. 🙂

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