"Daddy’s Little Girl"

From the “What Were You Thinking” Desk:

From Lubbock Online
Teen charged with trying to poison dad
By: Beth Aaron–Avalanche Journal

Lubbock police arrested and charged a 13-year-old girl with aggravated assault after she admitted trying to poison her father.
Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 4800 block of 55th Street on Friday.
The girl’s father, 42, told police he had instructed his daughter to complete chores the night before. He said she refused and went to bed, Sgt. Scott Farmer said.
The next morning, the father reported he woke his daughter up before he left for work and told her to complete the chores she had avoided the night before.
When her father left for work, the daughter allegedly put rat poison in her father’s juice, Farmer said.
After work, the father came home, poured himself some juice from a can and into a plastic cup.
The father noticed there were green particles floating in the orange liquid. He removed the lid from the can from which he had poured the juice and saw more green particles, Farmer said.
The girl’s father confronted her about what was floating in his juice, and she told him she had put rat poison in the drink.
The girl was taken to the Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center in connection with intent to cause serious bodily harm to her father.
It is unknown what brand of rat poison was found in the father’s beverage.
Some rat poisons work by inhibiting liver enzymes, and a blood transfusion may be necessary to save anyone who ingests the toxin.
Other types of rat poison contain anticoagulant drugs – substances that prevent the clotting of blood – and if eaten can cause fatal internal bleeding.

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