Friday at Dover

Pole Winner: Ryan “Rocketman” Newman.
His first pole of the season.

Qualifying Tidbits
I was worried that qualifying was going to get rained out and Unibrow was going to get the pole…at the time of the rain delay he was last in the qualifying results. But luckily Mother Nature is not a Unibrow fan..he he!

Other Notables Qualifying Results
5. Kevin Harvick
6. Mark Martin
11. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
19. Matt Kenseth
20. Greg Biffle
26. Kasey Kahne

Smoke Report
Ricky Rudd qualified the #20 tenth..not bad. Ricky looks pretty good in the orange and black.
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Question?? What if Ricky brings the #20 to Victory Lane, is Ricky listed as the driver (since we all know he will drive for Tony on Sunday after Tony starts the race)? Just wonderin’???

You know it has to be killing Tony not to be able to be in his car. He’s a racer. But I think he knows how important it is for him to get some rest and not further delay his healing. I mean look at his expression. That man wants to be in his car.
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Tony is also running a different paint scheme this weekend. He is running the Powerade Orange scheme this weekend.You can see part of it in the picture above, but here is what the front looks like. I am definitely going to have to go out and get me some of that orange drink.
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Elliott Report
The Candyman had a good qualifying run…he qualified 8th. Let’s hope his crew can keep him dialed in on Sunday and he can contend for the win. Good luck Candyman!

Race Results
Well…since the Truck race telecast is not live and the race is over I am going to to say congrats to the “Crazy Old Man”. Mark is the first driver to win at Dover in all three national series (Truck, Busch, & Cup).

2 thoughts on “Friday at Dover

  1. Yeah for unibrow spinning out!
    Rudd did a great run for Tony. And yep, if Rudd wins, Tony’s name still gets the win in the record books and points.
    I am so hoping that Elliott’s 8th place start is a good sign. Pleeeeeeeasssssseeeeeeee! He needs some good luck!
    I wondered why the truck race ended in daylight on TV! Then I thought, it must not be live, duh!

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