Dover: Busch Report

Only saw the last 50 or so laps of the Busch race today. I was out trying to find some NASCAR car items. I did find a couple of Tony cars, but they were way over price at this one store. But the main shop I usually find things at (Collectible Sports and More) has quite a few NASCAR items. I bought an Elliott Sadler shirt. They still have my life size cutout of Tony Stewart. This is what I want for my birthday this year. I have blatantly told Postman this is what I want for my birthday. Since he reads my items at the Park…I hope he gets the hint! (Sorry for the shameless birthday present plug)

Back to Dover….
Congrats to Jeff Burton…I love it when the “old” guys win. Jeff is only a few years older than…props to him!

Smoke Report
The announcers did report that Tony drove his car today for about 10 laps. That’s good. A little at time Smoke.

According to
“The good thing is that I wasn’t in so much pain that I couldn’t turn the car,” Stewart said. Stewart said he was “fairly satisfied” with how he drove with the injury and his only concern was making the smooth driver transition at the right spot. Stewart and Rudd combined for a practice-high 26 laps…“I’m sure it’s going to be painful getting in and out, but the good thing is we’re not in a hurray to get in,” Stewart said. “Getting out is going to be the hurry. It may hurt when we get out, but it’s only going to hurt for a little bit, so we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.”

Non-NASCAR report…
Game 6 tonight in the NBA Western Conference Final. The Mavs can wrap it up tonight against the Suns.
Go Mavs!

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