Dover: Cup Race

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth!
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It looked like Jamie was going to win, but Matt caught in the last few laps. There was no way Jamie was going to be able to hold off Matt. Matt was comin’ and comin’ fast. It moves Matt within in 74 points of Princess Jimmie.

Other notables
3. Kevin Harvick
7. Kasey Kahne
8. Greg Biffle
9. Mark Martin
10. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
25. Tony Stewart/Ricky Rudd
40. Eliott Sadler (UGH!!!)

Smoke Report
The tandem of Tony Stewart/Ricky Rudd finished 25th. I was frustrated when Ricky got a speeding penalty—it put him 2 laps down. UGH!!!
Zippy and the boys did an EXCELLENT job makin’ the switch from Tony to Ricky. They did it in one minute! They were able to keep on the lead lap during the exchange. You know it had to be killin’ him not to be in the car today, but like he said you have to look at the big picture. Tony is still 5th in the points.

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Elliott Sadler Report
Once again…Elliott got bit by the NASCAR gods. He was in the top early in the race and I thought he was going to have a great race, but unfortunately…those pesky gremlins struck again. Elliott slid into Kevin LePage’s radiator fluid and crashes into the wall. He finished 40th. How much more can Candyman take?

Princess Jimmie
I don’t usually like to take up space in The Park talkin’ about Princess Jimmie, but I was so ticked off today. I was excited about the fact the Princess was starting at the back and he was going to have to share his pit stall with #4 Scott Wimmer. Scott’s crew couldn’t even pit his car until another stall came open. Then Scott’s car ran out of gas. I hated seeing Hermie go out so early, but Scott was able to move away from Princess land. Princess spent most of the race a lap down or not even contending, but then suddenly there he was on the lead lap and in the top ten. UGH!!!!! For some reason he keeps falling into piles of crap and coming out smelling like a rose.

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