Mischief Makers

As reported earlier, my ACTUAL birthday was on Thursday, however, we decided to CELEBRATE on Saturday night!

Lots ‘o food was eaten…adult beverages were consumed…and FUN was had by all!

As you can see Postman purchased a “Birthday Cookie” for the occassion. That’s right…it’s in Tony orange and white. He went with the checkered flags this year. We had the #20 on it last year! Even though the cookie was race themed, I wanted to have a pirate theme for the occasion. Guests were treated to their own treasure chests of Pirate MMs both white and milk chocolate variety as well chocolate gold coins, a tiny pirate, an eye patch, pirate flag, and swords and that one special piece…a tiny chocolate Tony Stewart car. The MMs of course were in honor of Candyman himself Elliott Sadler! See I can have a Non-NASCAR theme party! Of course, you can’t have a party without presents! I received Tony Stewart items from two of the guests–see all that brainwashing is working. I also received two Tony Stewart things from my husband as well–two cars–one from Tony’s rookie year and a large Action one of his car this year. Pretty cool beans! I love Postman. Unfortunately, I did not receive my Tony standup I so lovingly asked for, but I am will have him as of TODAY!

After enjoying the festivities, it was game time! Postman and I received tokens from our MAVS party earlier in the week. Postman hit the jackpot on his favorite game. Game in a nutshell–put token in try to stop the light between your area and JACKPOT. You still win even if hit around your area. Well, Postman hit it big. Unfortunately this was Lubbock not Vegas and it was tickets not money! You can use the tickets to buy…well stuff. Some it is pretty cool…some it well…basically is useless CRAP! But that’s ok…I have plenty of it around the house.

After the movie, we went to see Pixar’s “Cars”. I hadn’t laughed so hard at a movie in a long time. For those who follow NASCAR will LOVE it! They nailed Darrell Waltrip’s character “Darrell Cartrip”. It was as if they transported him into the movie…too bad he couldn’t stay there. And of course one cannot forget “The King” voiced by the King himself Richard Petty. They even used the Petty blue and number for his car. As with most movies, there is always that one character who steels the movie. This is no exception. Larry the Cable Guy does the voice of “Tow Mater”. Oh my god….FUNNY!!!! In the words of Larry, “I don’t care who you are that’s funny.” I have to say my favorite line of the entire was uttered by Tow Mater himself, “I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park.”


I would like to thank…

No-Eyed Pirate


One-Eyed Charley

for making an appearance at the festivites! I know how difficult it was for you two to break away from your pillaging and plundering. Thanks!

I would like to thank everyone out there for your kind words, thoughts, and presents! You guys are the greatest. For those who could not be with us on this special occasion, we missed you guys! Keep pillaging and plundering out there–if you don’t who will!

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