Yet another post from “The Park”…I just couldn’t let this website get away.

I was purusing the old blogosphere and found one of those addictive and complete useless websites called The Advertising Slogan Generator courtesy of Mike over at Education in Texas

You can type in your name and it generates slogans using your name. Now being the NASCAR crazie that I am…here are some using Tony and Elliott’s names

The Tony That Smiles Back
Super Tony is Almost Here
The Best Tony Under One Roof
Whatever You’re Into, Get Into Tony
We’ll Leave the Tony On For You
Yo Quiero Tony

Watch Out, There’s an Elliott About
The Joy of Elliott
Wait Till We Get Our Elliott on You
The Best Part of Waking Up is Elliott in Your Cup
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Elliott
Show me the Elliott!

So pop on over to The Advertising Slogan Generator” and show your results with me. I am sure there are some great ones out there!

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