Tony Surprise

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

My day today was ho-hum..the weather is kindy of raining here in raiderland. This is good because we need it.

Nothing was going all that great until I got home. As usual I check the mail, you know how it goes junk mail and bills…but what do I see at the bottom of my box, but a key. That’s a package has arrived for someone in my household.

Now my birthday was last week and I got all the cards and letters from all my peeps so what could it be?????

(Note–I live in an apartment complex, so they have these community boxes they put the large packages).

As I opened up the box, there it was! The priority mail envelope and it was from Indianapolis IN which could only mean MY TONY STEWART FAN CLUB ITEMS HAD ARRIVED!!!!

Included in my package:
5 $5 off $25 coupons to purchase TS items–woo hoo
1 McDonalds coupon for a FREE Premium salad
1 Tony Stewart Fan Club sticker
1 Membership Card–pic on card–Tony with Champion Flag at Homestead last year
3 Information cards on Paul McMahan, Josh Wise, & Levi Jones as well as Tony
1 License Plate cover–(i am going to check to see if it is ok–in TX it cannot cover the state on the license plate)
1 T-shirt
and finally A 3 x 5 PICTURE OF TONY suitable for framing….oh my!!!!

Ok–I may the biggest goober this side of the Rio Grande, but DAMN…it cheered up my day!!!

4 thoughts on “Tony Surprise

  1. Sounds like a pretty good haul. Some of the other fan clubs(I only belong to one) are not as, shall we say, generous with gifts but sometimes the drivers are more accessible on a personal level. Tony Stewart has got the “class act” thing going on, fan club wise, with gift presentation.
    Has anyone have done a comparison of driver fan clubs?
    If a person joined every driver’s fan club…………

  2. I was giddy the day my Sadler Fan Club stuff arrived! I got the hero cards for both Elliott and Hermie, a sticker, an M&Ms luggage tag, a beautiful can cozie with allover print of E’s car and sponsors, other things I’m not remembering, and even a little bag of M&Ms!

    Yours sounds great, too!

    LOVE the standup, by the way!

  3. I got my Sadler stuff a few weeks ago. I too got cards of Hermie and Elliott, a luggage tag, and a cozie. I also got a sticker, but no M&Ms.

    mms38lady–when i was a member of the J. Gordon network (back when i didn’t have much sense)…all i got was a hat and all access to his site and that was it…i got some good stuff from smokevip as well.

  4. The M&Ms were a perfect touch! I’m sorry you didn’t get any. 😦

    Sounds like mms38lady didn’t thint he SFC stuff was good, but I thought it was a lot of goodies for $15!

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