Milwaukee & Sonoma

Go fast…turn left…don’t crash!

Truck Report
That’s two in a row for Mr. Johnny Benson! Congrats!

Busch Report
Congrats to Paul Menard for holding off the rest of the field to win this week’s Busch race. I thought Kevin Harvick was going to give him a run for his money, but unfortunately Kevin got into the back bumper of Menard. Kevin got him hit from behind by JJ Yeley and got spun. After the race, Kevin came up beside Paul Menard to give him a “congratulatory” good job. Well…shortly after this Kevin was invited to a meet and greet with NASCAR officials. Of course, you gotta love the pit reporter…she asked Kevin about the meet and greet asking him if he was giving Menard congratulations…”of course” Kevin said. Of course, he said with a little smile on his face…or smirk if you want. Why do reporters ask such silly questions?? Gotta love Kevin! Anyhoo…congratulations to Paul Menard!

Cup Report
Well, Big Shurb is on the pole for Sunday’s race. That’s alright…he will soon be “Smoked” after the ran starts! Tony is starting 12th with Elliott starting in 24th. I am not worried about Tony’s starting spot. He won’t take him long to weave his way to the front. And remember…Sonoma was where Tony began his hot streak last year….Good Luck Tony!

From last year’s Sonoma race…

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In My Own Opinion
I have never been a fan of the road races. For me they aren’t as exciting as those on an oval track. Of course we will see the “Road Race Ringers” tomorrow. I really don’t like the fact that teams bring in these ringers. I understand the sponsor thing and the 35 in owner points thing, but how are these guys supposed to get experience on road courses if you don’t give them a chance. It’s kind of like trying to get a job, but they won’t hire you because you don’t have experience, but you can’t get experience unless they give you a chance. Come on guys…give ’em a chance.

There are several double dippers this weekend. I don’t know really have much sympathy for them. I know driving a race is tough and having to juggle two different schedules can be tricky, but when you travel back from each race, it’s not like you have to fly like us regular people. I mean can you imagine these drivers flying back on Southwest Airlines? If they did, then maybe I would feel a little bit of sympathy for them. If you have ever flown on a Southwest flight, you don’t have assigned seats and you only get FREAKIN’ peanuts! I would love to be able to fly in a private jet and relax on the way back to a race. Such is the life of a NASCAR star.

I know pit reporters are trying to get infromation for the commentators and us viewers, but there are times I wish they would just leave it alone. I think it is funny when reporters ask questions that have obvious answers and the drivers give them a sarcastic remark. You ask a stupid question…you get a stupid answer. Come on people…get a clue! Of course I do feel sorry for those who interview the drivers after a crash or a run in with another driver especially when it is clearly a volatile situation. Then when things happen on or off the track, they tend to blow things out of whack! I know people are still interested in how Tony is feeling, but give the guy a break (no pun intended). Did you see last week’s race? He was in the garage banging out the dents of his car. I think his shoulder is just fine. He’s fine. Move on…the horse is dead…let it alone. Thanks.

Good Luck Boys!

4 thoughts on “Milwaukee & Sonoma

  1. Kevin was being a bad boy!! That smile on Kevin’s face when she asked that said it all. At least he was smart enough to not say anything. But then again, he was already on his way to the hauler, so he could have gone off if he wanted too. Then for them to tell Menard that Kevin said it was “congratulatory”. Jeez, reporters!!
    I think Tony will smoke the field tomorrow.

  2. Kevin….

    What goes around comes around.
    If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it.

    You are deliciously exciting, and right or wrong, you are another of the personalities that make NASCAR so much fun to watch.

    That sly, pesky smile is very appealing……


  3. I can’t STAND Kevin Harvick! He almost ran me down in a golf cart at Richmond, which made me like him even less than I had before that. If a child in my class gave me a smirk and a smart answer like that, he’d have his ass in trouble.

  4. Awesome post. Very very well written. Thanx for the updates. Every body ready for Daytona??? I am only one and half hours or so away. Depending on who is driving. LOL

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